Manmohan Singh Anand

I am 62 years old, my first online consultation with Dr. Sundeep Mestri was on 12th October 20 after getting detected with Covid. In no time I was feeling much better with his immediate intervention. I got a sense of assurance right after the first video call with the doctor.
I extend gratitude to you for your quick consultation and being just a call away not just for me but for my entire family in these testing times and helping us get back to our normal routine. Without any doubt I would highly recommend Dr. Sundeep Mestri for any advice and consultation to friends and family.

Sandeep Agrawal

My only go to doctor in times of small and big emergencies. My family doctor. Always there no matter what time it is. Always guides and treats accurately.
I know Dr. Sundeep Mestri sir from almost past 25 years. My family has almost not made a single hospitalisation or treatment without Sir's guidance. Moreover he has been a saviour during the pandemic times to.
Highly recommended genuine doctor by me and my family. Thank you for always being there Sir.

Our Mother 'Savita' was critical due to COPD & CKD in 2014 and we were advised by the duty doctor to consult Dr. Sandeep Mestri for COPD at MGM Hospital, Vashi. Thankfully Dr. Sundeep Mestri came like a God's messenger to us and mom started recovering in 2 to 3 days of his treatment. Dr. Sandeep Mestri is treats all his patients with utmost care and respect. We have experienced it and the rate of recovery and improvement in mother's health has been phenomenal. We have been extremely fortunate to have consulted him & Dr. Sundeep Mestri has played a vital role as our mother's saviour. We are sure that Dr. Sundeep Mestri will continue his exemplary service towards humanity by saving lives. Thank you Dr. Sundeep Mestri. Words are not enough to express the gratitude.